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When I first created this blog I wanted to create a place that I could easily access my recipes from as well as share them with others. This worked well for a while till I found Plantoeat.com. I found myself not posting recipes here as much because I had a great place to store them. So for a while I tried reviewing cookbooks but soon found that was not my thing either. So here my food blog sits with very little use. I still want to use it but how.. So I got to thinking. I also have a book blog where I review books I have read and I really enjoy that. So why not review recipes? So I am going to give it a try. I would love to see more interactions with the people who read this blog and reviewing recipes might be a way to make that happen so I am going to give it a try.  Stay tuned!

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I hate that this blog has been neglected as of late. I still post recipes I really like but I want to do more with this site. A few months back I started another blog to review books. Basically I get books for free from publishers and I read it then write a review for it. I love doing this! Earlier this week I started to think about this blog again and how I want to find a way to get it going again. I started looking around at the site where I get my books and saw they had cookbooks as well and a light bulb went off!

So I picked a few and I am going to review them and share some of the recipes with you as well as what I think about the cookbooks. I am kind of excited about this! I might also review some of the cookbooks I have as well.

Another thing I am going to be doing is a challenge giveaway over at Plan to Eat. I plan to do another post just about plan to eat soon. Basically you cook a recipe or two each week from the cookbook they have picked and you could win a year’s subscription to the site. Head on over to read more about it!

So I am excited to get this blog hopping again. I hope you will enjoy what is to come! Smile

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For a great recipe for these…

Cabbage rolls. O this is one of my favorites and every time I have tried to make it, well its not come out well. I am bound and determined this time to get it right. I have spend a few hours this weekend searching cooking blogs and recipe sites to find one I think is close to what I remember. So this morning I pulled out a few cookbooks.

and started to write my own recipe.

I don’t create recipes very often so its either its going to be a huge flop or something good. Stay tuned…

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So I have a frozen cut up whole chicken that I plan to use for supper tonight. I had planned to make a grilled herb chicken with it but the weather has turned cold and I have no desire to fire up the grill.  I am also on a slow cooker kick at the moment. I looked through a few cookbooks  but nothing jumped out at me so I put the chicken still frozen in the slow cooker and dumped quite a bit of BBQ sauce on it. We will see in 8-9 hours if its any good.

What have you thrown together in your slow cooker on a whim?

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Sorry for the lack of recipes this week. Both my kids have been sick. I have some great recipes to share. I finally made my favorite chili and can’t wait to share that as well as a few others.

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If you look at the bottom of each post you see 5 stars. If you try a recipe please come back and rate it. 🙂 Even if you don’t like it. Also feel free to post how it turned out good or bad you will not hurt my feelings at all. I am always looking for ways to make recipes better. If you have a recipe you want me to try or another food blog or just anything cooking related send them to me here absfavrecipes@gmail.com .

Happy Cooking!!

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I have always wanted to create a blog where I could share recipes and just talk cooking. Finally I just sat down and did it. A little about me. My name is Abbie and I am a stay at home mom to 2 kids. My kids are getting at the age where I am finding more time to play in the kitchen again so I figured now was the time to start this blog. Please feel free to comment on my posts or share recipes. Maybe no one will even read this blog but I will have fun putting it together none the less.

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